Starmus: GTC Round Table (Day 4)

Starmus: GTC Round Table (Day 4)

As if we needed more reason to like him, it turns out that wears fabulous socks!

Achievement unlocked — met at !

Cat on beach with a massive sandcastle that is clearly *his*.

Agree w/Blackburn & Schweickart: tell stories about the failures too! It’s part of doing science #starmus #MAETy1

Teach science w/stories, concrete examples -science is not done in a vacuum, neither should teaching it -Kirschner #starmus #MAETy1

Yes! Bring teachers into labs/observatories, bring scientists into classrooms, break those barriers (& pay teachers well!) #starmus #MAETy1

Important that scientists interact w/public directly to build trust in scientific consensus & process – Elizabeth Blackburn #starmus

Great question! How can systems of trust like peer review survive when public demands instantaneous response/results? -Schweickart #starmus

Stiglitz: science education needs to do a better job encouraging methodology; teaching that claims must be tested #starmus #MAETy1
Connect science education and social responsibility – Kaspersky #starmus

Kirschner: science education = encourage idea that claims must be tested and supported w/evidence #starmus

The Internet gives everybody a say, but most people’s ‘says’ aren’t very informed. -Penrose #starmus @StarmusFestival #climatechange

How do we encourage the media to responsibly communicate the threats of #climatechange and #asteroids? -Rusty Schweickart #starmus

Normalization of threats like #climatechange #AsteroidDay is dangerous -Garik Israelian #starmus

You must have very long telomeres! -Rusty Schweickart #starmus

Problem: focus on tech solutions reduces pressure on changing behavior. Assume there is no magic fix -Stiglitz #starmus #climatechange

Some of the most interesting suggestions for asteroid deflections come from my friends from Russia. -Rusty Schweickart #starmus #AsteroidDay

Buzz. Rusty. Alexei. Yuri. Astronauts and cosmonauts have such cool names! #starmus

Dealing with asteroid threats could open up a methodology for dealing with complex problems -Elizabeth Blackburn #starmus

Organisms that cooperate tend to do well. -Elizabeth Blackburn

Asteroids = cosmic natural hazard -Rusty Schweickart

Planetary defense = applied astronomy -Rusty Schweickart

Note: You can also check out the videos I took during #Starmus2016, which are in this playlist: