Starmus: A Brief History of Mine (Day 3)

Starmus: A Brief History of Mine (Day 3)

Grateful for this message of compassion and equality for all of the species on our planet from

We have a responsibility to ensure equality not just for human beings, but for all species on this planet.

Space station= direct result of our insatiable need to explore the Universe

Science must promote the values of transparency, rationality, collaboration – David Gross

Modern technology is largely based on our understanding of the quantum structure of matter. -David Gross

Related example for previous tweet: dark matter makes up most of the matter in the Universe. But we do not understand it.

The most important product of knowledge is ignorance. – David Gross

Must be international decision process b/c deflections will shift the risk of impact across the planet – Rusty Schweickart

We must design and fund international asteroid deflections -Rusty Schweickart

Planetary defense: 1. Early warning 2. Mitigation capability 3. Planetary decision process – Rusty Schweickart

Candle and shoelace analogies for insufficient telomerase in Elizabeth Blackburn’s talk at

Beautifully creative and humorous animation of chromosomes by Elizabeth Blackburn!

Elizabeth Blackburn at : how aging can make time seem elastic

Eternity is a very long time. Especially near the end. -Lord Martin Rees

Artists are not people who finish something, they are people who start something.

Discussing art gives us a freedom we otherwise would not have. -Brian Eno

Science is how we discover things; art & culture are how we digest and come to consensus about things. -Brian Eno

Science is a conversation about the nature of reality. -Brian Eno

I wrote my book b/c it is important for scientists to explain their work. Particularly in cosmology. -Hawking

When you get stuck, no use getting furious; you just have to keep thinking about the problem while doing something else -Hawking

Note: You can also check out the videos I took during #Starmus2016, which are in this playlist: