Starmus: The Event Horizon (Day 1)

Starmus: The Event Horizon (Day 1)

The Starmus Festival, created by Garik Israelian, is an international celebration of science, astronomy, music, art, and culture. Over the past year (until a couple of months ago) I had the honor of managing social media for Starmus, and as a result was an invited guest to this year’s festival. Here’s a collection of my tweets from Day 1 (unfortunately, the pretty Storified version is RIP with Storify):

The pale blue dot meets the global selfie. Longing to grasp the meaning of our existence

The ocean acts as a liquid thermometer for climate change – Chris Rapley

Our dark dark universe by

Great visual – triangle has different shapes based on curvature of universe

Kepler’s Six-Cornered Snowflake: & on the communication of science at !

With , Editor-in-Chief of , member of board, author of !

First up, Recalibrating the Universe for Precision Cosmology by Dr. Adam Rises

Registered & ready to science the heck out of this week!

Phew- intense trip followed by a long uphill climb w/luggage in hot weather, but we made it & are ready 4 !